Realtor Referral Contract

Below is a sample contract. This exact contract form will be sent to you once you've referred your client to us. We will send this form to you via Docusign with our broker's signature already in place. You will simply need to e-sign the form and click submit and you will instantly receive a fully executed contract in your email within minutes.

Sample Realtor Referral Contract

By signing below, both parties acknowledge that if at anytime the client that agent has referred decides to try and sell their property, then Verandah Properties, LLC will refer the client back to Agent Referring Client for the purpose of selling the property. Verandah Properties, LLC will not attempt to try and sell the property as the referring client is considered to be the agent's client for purposes of any real estate sales.

Agent Referring Client:

Name:_______________________________ Brokerage: ________________________

Date: _______________________________

Verandah Properties, LLC

Broker's Signature (Pamela McNab-Syvertson) _______________________________

Date: ________________________________

Client Referred ______________________________________

Property Address_____________________________________


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