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Making a Great First Impression Starts with Effective Property Listings

Pamela McNab-Syvertson - Thursday, August 15, 2019

Renters want to see a lot of things when they read a listingthey want attention to detailhigh-quality photographs, and a clear next step for getting more information on a property of interest—don't forget to mention the rental rates! If you are offering a variety of units, you can sometimes tell folks to call for rates, but people feel more confident in taking the next step on a property when they think they're looking in the right range to begin with. Here are some fool-proof tips to encourage potential renters to submit an application and visit your stunning Orlando rental units!

Include the Details People Want

First, give all the details about the property: from appliances and square footage to bathrooms and bedrooms. Any feature you leave out makes it appear as though there's something to hide about the property. Your property's benefits can stand on their own, but you have to share them as concisely and effectively as possible is a great way to keep people interested in your listing. People scan through listings without much scrutiny, so giving them the incentive to pause and focus on your listing further means they're more likely to put in an application!

Making a Great First Impression Starts with Effective Property Listings

Situate your property in the overall complex, neighborhood, or area of Orlando: what's within walking distance, and what features require a short drive? Giving driving distances to major employers, like a large hospital or industrial area, can often be enough to get someone shopping for a rental to pause and reflect on your listing. Parks, grocery stores, and shopping areas within walking distance all present a plus to a wide variety of potential tenants. Mentioning your proximity to public transportation (if your property is nearby) is also a huge plus, especially for millennial renters.

You may think that those cell phone photos look just as good as professionally done shots, but unfortunately, they will stick out—and not in a good way—when listed beside their competition. Give your rental the star treatment, and get a professional real estate photographer to capture everything your location has to offer! Empty properties are hard to photograph in a way that gives a real feel for the space of the apartment or house, so working with a professional ensures that renters see the great natural light, large spaces, and any other attractive features.

Build Your Property's Story

One of the hardest (but most important) things to do with your brief property listing is to showcase not just a location, but the story of living at this location. Is the story you're telling one of downtown comfort in the hustle and bustle of Orlando, close to trendy hot-spots? Maybe your property is a chance to get away from it all, a home oasis away from work in the big city.

Whatever your "angle" might be, make it clear that in the right hands, this property is perfect for your potential tenant's story. You can, of course, keep it open—but emphasizing that your property is an excellent place for a balcony garden, entertaining guests, or for getting sunlight through those big, beautiful windows will help people stop and think "You know, I could see myself there!

Steps Before Publishing

  • Double (and triple!) check that all relevant details are present: Show your listing to a friend or family member and ask them to accurately tell you what questions they still have after reading it if they were a prospective renter.
  • Check for proofing errors and typos: If you feel like you've read the listing too many times to count, one good strategy is to read it sentence-by-sentence backward. This gives you a new perspective on the text and may help you catch errors you might have missed.
  • Take advantage of everything you could say on the page: Is there a section for photo captions, or an option to add a subheading under your main title? Don't turn down any chance to persuade people that this is the perfect rental for them. 
  • Streamline for online: Make sure all the links work and go to the correct page! There's no point in getting your potential renters excited about your property just to send them to a "404 Not Found" page.

Purchase agreement for a new house

Hire the Right Property Manager

While writing your property listings can be time-consuming and cause you to over-analyze, Verandah Properties has gotten listings down to a science; we make sure that your property gets seen by the right eyes and that your listing is attuned to emphasize the best amenities and unique features of your investment property. You only get one chance to make a great first impression with your property listing—and that includes the rental rate! Are you pricing your Central Florida property the way you should be to maximize your investment? Let Verandah Properties help you get the most out of your rental with a FREE Rental Analysis!



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