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The Kind of Property Management Orlando Rentals Need in a Crisis

Verandah Properties - Thursday, April 30, 2020

Even when times are 'good,' we find that DIY landlords often struggle with the dynamics of collecting rent. If you're in charge of handling your own day-to-day property management (Orlando rentals) during COVID-19, you've probably already experienced that your renters have varying ability right now to pay their rent.

The Orlando market is unique nationwide in that it relies heavily on industries that have been most impacted by the novel Coronavirus. This makes finding solutions for collecting rent during a time of hardship even more challenging for DIY investors and property owners. While the outlook is hopeful when it comes to plans for returning to business as usual, you need to have an approach for addressing the present when it comes to your rental properties.

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Contractor or DIY? Property Management Orlando Rentals Need Can Help!

Verandah Properties - Thursday, April 23, 2020

As a landlord or rental property owner, you are often faced with both minor and major projects to repair and improve your rental property. As the kind of property management Orlando rentals need, we know that it's easy for those attempting DIY projects to find them spiraling out of control.

For small fixes, it might be easy to take five minutes and a wrench to that leaky faucet. However, for bigger projects—especially those that you aren't familiar with—it can be far riskier to do it yourself. If you're in the business of running your own property management, Orlando rentals in your portfolio might be missing out on a quality repair. Knowing when to allocate a task is a skill—and that means knowing when to DIY or turn to a vetted contractor for assistance.

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Rental Management | Orlando Landlords: What Insurance Do You Need?

Verandah Properties - Thursday, April 16, 2020

When it comes to your rental management, Orlando property managers will always recommend that you carry the right insurance to safeguard your rental home. The right property managers can also be an asset when you're selecting coverage. If you're wondering whether you need coverage on your rental home, the answer is, "Absolutely!" However, not all types of insurance cover your investment property equally.

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Orlando Realty and Property Management Combined Spells Growth!

Verandah Properties - Thursday, April 9, 2020

Finding excellent rental properties is sometimes the first hurdle for landlords when you know you want to get involved with this kind of work but haven't yet found a perfect property. On the other hand, some landlords get into property investing accidentally, through inheriting a house or getting a surprisingly good deal on a home that they then want to rent out.

Either way, most landlords with any number of properties find themselves in a position where it would have been helpful to work with great real estate agents to discover new additions to their portfolio.

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Florida Squatter Laws: Insight From Orlando Property Management

Verandah Properties - Thursday, April 2, 2020

New landlords tend to encounter more legal hoops and concerns than they expect when they get started as property investors. One area where Orlando property management companies tend to shine is in offering advice and clarity about situations like tenants' rights disputes as well as handling people who are squatting on your property.

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'Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Rehab?' Orlando Property Management Answers

Verandah Properties - Thursday, March 26, 2020

We've all seen those property rehab shows where a complete flip ramps up the value of a property beyond the owner's wildest dreams. There is a similar misconception that an extreme overhaul of a rental property will make it more desirable to potential tenants. However, it is possible to go overboard with your choice of rehab—or to pick updates that do more harm than good!

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The Basics of Property Investing: Tips From Orlando Property Management

Verandah Properties - Thursday, March 19, 2020

As you've been dipping your toes into the property investment pool, you've probably learned a lot already about the many faces of investing. Sometimes the water can be shockingly cold—and ruin the experience.

Here at Verandah Properties, we want your experience as a property investor to be incredible! As both an Orlando realty and property management company, we know that seeing positive returns from your hard work and time investment can help carry you through the challenges that make you regret trying to swim.

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'Can I Accept Only Female Tenants?' Tips From Orlando Property Management

Verandah Properties - Thursday, March 12, 2020

Over time, it's tough for investors not to develop personal preferences towards one type of renter. Maybe your most easy-going tenants are a specific age, or you have a better, more natural relationship with tenants from a particular background. If you're a female investor, you may simple feel more comfortable renting to other women.

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Out-of-State Investors Need an Orlando Realty & Property Management Expert

Verandah Properties - Thursday, March 5, 2020

As an investor, perhaps you've noticed that there are significant roadblocks to investing in your area.

  • Ideal property availability might be low
  • The prices might already be at their peak
  • Perhaps there is an economic downturn hitting the area hard.
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Why invest in Orlando real estate in 2018 and beyond? Here's Why.

Pamela McNab-Syvertson - Thursday, February 27, 2020

Updated and republished: 02/27/2020

Why invest in Central Florida

Orlando and Central Florida, in general, are popular places to live; between extensive tourism and development and the excellent climate, there is consistent, substantial interest in moving to this area.

  • This region is popular with retiring individuals who want to rent their homes, as well as young families coming in to take advantage of the exciting new job opportunities.
  • New residents cover every demographic and background, so finding great tenants is more accessible than in many places in the country.
  • If you're seeking to grow your portfolio with real estate, you'll have no problem finding a wide range of tenants.
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