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Maintenance During Distancing | Winter Garden Property Management Tips

Verandah Properties - Thursday, July 9, 2020

When everyone is trying to social distance, it can feel like parts of our lives have stopped in place. However, the mechanical features of a home do not stop just because we do! There are just as many shingles that fall off, plumbing issues, and flooded basements as there are during any other year. As professional Winter Garden property management, we know all too well that we can't put our most essential repairs on hold—even when crises arise.

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Contractor or DIY? Property Management Orlando Rentals Need Can Help!

Verandah Properties - Thursday, April 23, 2020

As a landlord or rental property owner, you are often faced with both minor and major projects to repair and improve your rental property. As the kind of property management Orlando rentals need, we know that it's easy for those attempting DIY projects to find them spiraling out of control.

For small fixes, it might be easy to take five minutes and a wrench to that leaky faucet. However, for bigger projects—especially those that you aren't familiar with—it can be far riskier to do it yourself. If you're in the business of running your own property management, Orlando rentals in your portfolio might be missing out on a quality repair. Knowing when to allocate a task is a skill—and that means knowing when to DIY or turn to a vetted contractor for assistance.

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How Can Excellent Property Inspections Protect Your Orlando FL Rental Home?

Pamela McNab-Syvertson - Thursday, October 17, 2019

One of the best ways to ensure your investment remains secure when renting your investment property is to conduct thorough property inspections. A quick once-over may lead you to miss essential problems with your Orlando property, which can leave you footing the bill or cause conflicts with your tenants. Instead, follow this guide to excellent property inspections, and help you and your tenant stay on the same page!

Move-In Inspections

When you first purchase an investment property, you most likely have done a thorough inspection to determine that the property is a good investment. You have a good idea of what elements of the property need repair or replacement. You would be wise to document what items might need replacing in the coming years: how old, for instance, are any air conditioners or furnaces in the property? Knowing when these expenses are likely to hit can help you budget for them.

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What Are the Best Rental Property Upgrades for Your Lake Nona Rental Home?

Pamela McNab-Syvertson - Thursday, October 3, 2019

When you first begin investing in property, it can be challenging to get the hang of your work as a landlord. While you are establishing your long-term wealth, it's a smart move to improve the property you're investing in. By making your Lake Nona rental more beautiful, more efficient, or just more appealing, you gain many benefits.

For one thing, you can achieve a higher rental rate! When your property is in demand, you can reduce your vacancy rate. You also increase the number of tenant applications you receive, giving you better options for highly reliable tenants. Lastly, updates can save you money if your rental rate includes things like utilities.

Here are some of the best upgrades to make in the Lake Nona area of Central Florida.

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Property Management Or: "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being a Landlord!"

Pamela McNab-Syvertson - Thursday, July 25, 2019

Managing a property in Orlando can be a full-time job, even if that wasn’t originally your intention. There is an extensive knowledge base to cover when running a rental on your own: marketing, photography, tenant screening, tenant services, lease form creation, rent collection, accounting, maintenance—the list goes on and on. That’s why we suggest partnering with a property management team: at Verandah Properties, we have the knowledge and the experience to handle every aspect of your rental! To demonstrate, let’s discuss some common pain points you may be experiencing as a landlord and how we can help.

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A Basic "How-To Guide" for Property Maintenance in Central Florida

Pamela McNab-Syvertson - Thursday, June 20, 2019

Congratulations! You’ve purchased a new investment property in Orlando, and you're on your way to the peaceful and profitable life of a landlord. All that's left is to sit back and collect your monthly rent checks, right? Not so fast—Your rental property needs a new dishwasher! There’s also a growing roof leak from that last rain storm. Who’s going to replace the damaged linoleum flooring before your new tenants move in? Don't forget, that tree in the yard needs trimming before limbs fall in the driveway—plus, someone needs to change the locks from the previous owners. 

These are all typical landlord maintenance tasks! Before you get overwhelmed at the thought of becoming a professional roofer, painter, plumber, or electrician, check out our tips for rental property maintenance.

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