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What Can a Property Management Real Estate Agent Referral Program Do for You?

Verandah Properties - Thursday, November 28, 2019

Verandah Properties is relaunching our excellent Real Estate Agent Referral Program! Verandah believes that we offer some of the best property management services in Central Florida. Our program is a valuable addition for the real estate agents we partner with to provide expert property management services for their clients during market downturns. If you are a real estate agent working in areas like Daytona and Orlando, you'll want to make sure you take advantage of this offer!

Here is how the program works: let's say that housing in the area currently favors a buyer's market. Rather than waiting for your clients' homes to attract a reasonable offer as they sit empty, you refer them to high-quality property management. Your clients then rent out their now-vacant homes to eager renters in areas like Daytona and Orlando! Your clients get to enjoy the benefits of  real estate investment while they wait for the market to improve. Alternatively, if your clients are real estate investors, now is the time to buy up those homes while the market is hot! However, managing the workload of a growing portfolio alone can turn away even the most dedicated investor. When you refer people to Verandah Properties for property management services, we will welcome them with open arms; your client finds a seamless connection to the area, and you look like a well-connected, helpful agent.

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Should your client choose to work with us, we'll get them set up for expert property management. When we have a qualified tenant selected, and they move in officially, we pay a generous referral fee to you—the referring agent. We recognize how valuable it is to have you send us new landlords. We see that they get a good deal because they've found us, so we reward your time and effort in sharing our name with them! You become a valued partner of Verandah Properties, and we compensate you for helpful referrals that yield a new client. 

Hallmarks of the Verandah Properties Experience

You wouldn't want to recommend anything less than a professional, expert property manager to your clients. That is why we offer the best possible service, and we take seriously the partnership created through a referral program. We provide comprehensive services so that new landlords who are making a real estate investment will be very well cared for. We work with them from the start, helping them successfully advertise the property in the correct channels.

This ensures that we receive tenant applications for those properties to find the perfect tenant. After the tenant moves in, we're a presence for everything from routine maintenance to emergency repairs, as well as collecting rent and maintaining positive communication between the landlord and the tenant. Our services reduce your clients' workload and allow them to invest further in real estate—which is good for you! We see property management services as a way to reduce the investment of time and money—as well as the intensity and stress—of being a landlord here in Central Florida. 

Benefits of Recommending an Expert Property Manager

Many real estate investors are looking for an investment opportunity in the Orlando or Daytona areas, but they may not be interested in becoming full-time landlords who manage their properties. The duties of a landlord can grow wearisome and become increasingly difficult as their portfolio grows. Rather than letting your clients become mired in their landlord duties, offering them a lifeline in the form of reliable property management services benefits everyone!

  • Your clients get more freedom to expand their businesses with a reliable real estate agent.
  • Verandah Properties helps them grow their profits.
  • When we succeed, you succeed: you get repeat customers who can come back to you to shop for a new real estate venture and expand their holdings. 

Landlords who enjoy managing their properties still often find that there are ways in which they'd prefer to create economies of scale. Working with a property manager can help landlords learn the industry-standard ways of working with tenants faster than they might otherwise. Even if the landlord chooses to manage a subset of their properties and have Verandah Properties manage the rest, they will benefit from our industry knowledge, strategies, and tips. We want to see our landlords find success in the Central Florida market!

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Join the Realtor Referral Program Today!

The process of becoming a real estate agent referrer for Verandah Properties is quite straightforward:

  1. We have a simple form to fill out, or you can use our contact form to email us your name, company, phone number, and email.
  2. We'll respond with a detailed contract that outlines the arrangement and conditions related to the referral.
  3. As you might imagine, the actual referral fee is attached to an ongoing relationship that results in a qualified tenant, so we want everyone involved to understand the contract before signing on. 

We are happy to answer questions about our services or the program, but we hope you will sign up and join us in bringing long-term wealth to your clients! Your clients will be equally happy with our high-quality property management services as they are with your stellar assistance in purchasing real estate.

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