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What types of properties SCREAM "Rent Me" to the Most Qualified Applicants?

Pamela McNab-Syvertson - Monday, April 17, 2017

Simple; those in the 'Best Condition'.

What?  It's just a rental, why do I want it to be in the best condition?  I'm not selling the property, I'm going to rent it.  The renters aren't going to take care of it, why would I throw money away worrying about the property's condition?  That's just nonsense!  

WRONG! If this is your opinion about rental properties you shouldn't own them.  

Really?  Really.

You are offering a product and that is your rental property.  In order to interest the most qualified renters who will not only pay the rent on time, but will also maintain your investment, your property needs to be in excellent condition.  

Let's think about it.  

Let's say there are three rental properties on the market; they are all similar in terms of size, amenities and price however one has horrible curb appeal and the lawn is simply an overgrown mess; the other has a really dated kitchen and bathrooms and needs a fresh interior paint job but the last one has a very simple and clean yard with green grass and tidy beds.  It also has a fresh interior paint job and the kitchen and bathrooms are all in very good, desirable condition.  Which one do you think the qualified renter will choose?

Remember the qualified renter (the one YOU want) can rent any property within their price range, and you want it to be yours.  Make sure you're offering the best value and the best product so that you can entice and retain a desirable tenant who will take pride in their home, which is your investment!

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