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About Us

Founded in 2003, Verandah Properties is dedicated to redefining what it means to be a Successful Property Management company for our clients and residents alike. Through our long term specialized knowledge and experience in our industry; our high standards in the management of investor’s properties, and the transparency and consistent exposure to your property’s condition, we will deliver you your desired outcome.

Meet the Team

Picture of Pamela McNab-Syvertson
Pamela McNab-Syvertson Broker/Owner, Verandah Properties, LLC(Chief Success Officer since 2003)

Pamela is a native of Orlando, Florida and has called it home ever since. She has a passion for the industry and making it better every day for Verandahs’ clients and residents alike. Although she founded the company in 2003, she has been in the industry full time since the mid 90’s and has watched it evolve tremendously. Her goal is to provide the highest standard of management to ensure the continued Success of Verandah Properties which in turn delivers the investor their desired results.

Company Operations Department

Picture of Sofia Fuentes Barron
Sofia Fuentes Barron Senior Operations Manager(Ops Ninja)
Picture of Abril Giovanna Hernandez
Abril Giovanna Hernandez Corporate Liaison Manager(Collab Queen)

Client & Resident Success Department

Picture of Debby Lisella
Debby Lisella Broker Associate & Client Services Director(Owner/Investor Liaison Extraordinaire since 2014)
Picture of Carmen Mulino de Romero
Carmen Mulino de Romero Senior Client Services Manager(Tenant Happiness Hero Since 2016)
(Fluent in English & Spanish)

Property Success Department

Picture of Tameka McDaniel
Tameka McDaniel Broker Associate & Quality Assurance Manager(Property Inspection & Maintenance Guru)
Picture of Harvey Malla
Harvey Malla Maintenance Coordinator(Work Order & Trouble Shooting Genius)

New Client Success Department

ASHLEY HERRING Business Development Director(Your Personal Landlord Advocate)
Picture of Linda Lopez
LINDA LOPEZ New Client Liaison - Lake Nona Region(Property Partnership Expert)
Picture of Damian Mayorga
Damian Mayorga Senior Marketing Manager(Marketing Lover & Happiness Bringer)
(Fluent in English & Spanish)
Successful Property Management Process