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Embracing a Pet-Friendly Philosophy

Enhancing Your Property’s Appeal

Welcome to Verandah Properties, LLC, where we champion strategies that not only protect but also enhance the value and appeal of your investment. One of the fundamental philosophies we uphold is the inclusion of pets in our rental properties. We firmly believe that a pet-negotiable policy is essential for fostering a broader, more qualified pool of potential tenants, thus reducing vacancies, and enhancing the overall attractiveness of your property.

Our Company’s Philosophy

Why Being Pet-Negotiable is a Strategic Advantage

1. Broadening the Tenant Pool

The reality is clear: a significant percentage of potential tenants are pet owners. By adopting a pet-negotiable stance, you inherently increase the marketability of your property, accessing a more extensive network of prospective tenants.

2. Attracting Responsible Tenants

Our rigorous tenant qualification process is the cornerstone of our approach. Rest assured, the tenants we place value responsibility, exhibiting a proven track record of reliability and integrity. Such tenants are more likely to be conscientious pet owners who ensure their pets maintain a respectful coexistence within the property.

3. Ensuring Accountability

Our state-of-the-art accounting system interfaces seamlessly with credit bureaus, reporting timely as well as late payments directly. Tenants are acutely aware that their financial conduct impacts their credit score, instilling a heightened sense of accountability. This extends to their responsibility for any pet-related damages, ensuring that they undertake necessary actions to maintain the property in excellent condition.

4. Optimizing Vacancy Rates

A pet-negotiable policy is a strategic lever for minimizing vacancy rates. It ensures your property remains competitive and attractive, preventing prolonged vacancies that could otherwise affect your return on investment.

5. Service Animals

It’s also essential to recognize the legal imperatives: service animals are not pets. Regulations mandate that service animals be accommodated, underscoring the practicality of adopting a more inclusive pet policy proactively.

Entrusting Us with the Decision-Making Process

We understand that as a property owner, you might have reservations. However, our wealth of experience and refined processes position us to make well-informed decisions on your behalf. We are adept at evaluating each case's merits, factoring in the applicant’s creditworthiness and the specifics of their pet ownership. We’re equipped to navigate these considerations, ensuring that the tenants placed align with our standards of responsibility and care.


Adopting a Future-Focused, Strategic Stance

Embracing a pet-negotiable policy is not just a progressive step but a strategic, future-focused decision. It augments your property’s competitiveness, ensures a consistent and responsible tenant base, and optimizes your investment returns.

Join us in adopting this enlightened approach, designed to elevate the performance and appeal of your property in a dynamic rental market.