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What if your Orlando investment properties could do more for you? How can you know if you're maximizing your long-term investment strategies without the right kind of expertise to guide your way?

  • You trust a professional financial advisor to build a retirement strategy and manage your assets.
  • You trust a board-certified lawyer to advise you on legal matters—both personal and professional.
  • You trust your healthcare professional to provide advice for your health and long-term wellness.

When it comes to managing your properties, you also need a professionalSuccessful investors pursue the best advice and leadership to protect their investment wealth and reach their financial goals. 

That's where Verandah Properties comes in! We are the Orlando property management experts that investors need to help you get the most out of your rental property portfolio. 

We Start With Analysis

An expert that doesn't rely on data isn't really an expert. The best Orlando Property management companies utilize plenty of research and experience from the start when we onboard any new property or portfolio. When working with Orlando realty and property management combined, this is especially crucial as you can nip bad property investments in the bud.

Our rental market analysis helps us recommend the best data-informed decisions about your rental property! We use analysis to:

Get Optimized Rental Value for Your Property
Optimize the rental rate for your Orlando rental
Gain Crucial Insight into Current Market Conditions
Gain crucial insight into current market conditions in Orlando.
Determine Your Cashflow from Monthly Rental Value
Help determine your cash flow from a property's monthly rental rate.

The business of making your investment properties profitable isn't a guessing game. The information we use from industry and market research helps us make sure your portfolio is generating the income you need under the care of the best Orlando property management! 

Our Services Are the Keys to Your Success

The key to every rental property opens the doors for your tenants. The key services of the best property management companies in Orlando open the door to a profitable portfolio for you.

Without the right services and the right professionals, your properties can sit empty, your rentals can fall into disrepair, your tenants become unhappy, and you lose money. When choosing your property manager, make sure they offer the very best of these key services.


Marketing is the first key to successful rentals. It's more than just telling people your rental is available or putting a quick listing online. We go all out as an Orlando realty and property management company to give your rentals the best presentation to the widest possible audience. This ensures that you have plenty of excellent potential tenants to choose from as your next renter.

Our expert rental property marketing includes:

  • Setting the right rental price for current market conditions (using the rental market analysis we mentioned!)
  • A compelling property listing with professional photos to make your property listing pop
  • Posting your properties in all of the high-traffic renter search places online
  • The right signage to help your property stand out in person.

Your property has only one chance to make an excellent first impression! Our experiences as a leading Orlando realty and property management company help us know how to market your property to make potential renters stop scrolling and see themselves in your rental homes.

Tenant Screening

Choosing the wrong tenant is worse than having an empty property! Bad tenants can stiff you on the rent, damage your property, and sometimes they even leave without letting you know. You shouldn't have to wait until the rent is late to find out what's going on with your investment property: by that point, you're already in trouble.

  • When the tenant applications start coming in, we have a plan in place to screen and select the very best renter in your property!
  • We dig below the surface of the information a potential tenant puts on their application.
  • We also understand how to follow legal guidelines to fairly screen and select your tenant—while keeping their private information safe and secure. 

It's worth the effort to screen every applicant! In most cases, it's a quick process that helps us get a new tenant into your property will little downtime. 

Rent Collection

Your tenants need to pay the rent for you to make money on your investment properties! Verandah Properties makes it easy to collect the rent on time and pay our property owners promptly. 

Only the best Orlando property management companies can provide online payment systems! Ultimately, these help your tenants schedule and keep on top of payments. As soon as the bank processes rental payments, you receive an automatic payment. Without chasing down paper checks, rent collection is efficient, quick, and secure.


Every property requires maintenance from time to time. As property managers, we know that preventative maintenance is the best way to prevent significant and expensive issues that can happen in the event of neglected routine maintenance.

Our maintenance plan for your property includes a multi-level approach:

  • Regular, scheduled inspections (move-in, move-out, and mid-lease)
  • Preventative, seasonal maintenance to prepare your property for weather changes throughout the year
  • 24/7 emergency maintenance response through our online maintenance portal
  • A list of vetted contractors who are available for routine maintenance and emergencies while keeping costs down.

You don't have to keep eyes on your property to make sure it's safe—we do it for you! Our Orlando property management expertise makes sure your rentals stay in excellent condition and that tenants take good care of your investments.

Financial Reporting 

Your property is only successful if it's generating a profit. We probably check the numbers on your properties more often than you do—but you'll never have to wonder how a property is performing. Verandah Properties provides real-time financial reports and an online owner portal where you can access your property's numbers any time. 

Eviction Protection

Even though our screening process helps us place the best tenants in your property, there are no perfect tenants. Whether you're dealing with a terrible tenant right now or a good tenant goes bad, we'll handle the eviction process for you. We become your shield against the stress and headache of an eviction. Plus, we re-rent your property as soon as possible! We also offer Landlord Protection Insurance to the property investors we serve—an unheard-of benefit in the property management industry.

Passing off Your Properties Is Simple!

It's simple to turn your properties over to our expert property management! Verandah Properties makes it easy to get started. Whether you're a new property owner who wants to grow or you have a portfolio in need, the experts in Orlando realty and property management are standing by to help! 

We Have Answers to Your Questions

If we didn't already answer everything for you, you might have a few more questions about working with us!

When you're ready to get started, these resources are a big help!

Maintaining your current portfolio and adding more properties requires the right team! When you partner with Verandah Properties, you can trust our expertise as an Orlando realty and property management professional to get you going in the right direction.

The Little Things Matter, Too

What have we left out? The big things make a big difference, but the little things matter, too—and we pay attention to detail. With Verandah Properties, you'll also find:

  • Excellent communication with owners and tenants
  • Reserve funds on-hand to avoid any maintenance delays
  • Detailed inspection reports following every inspection
  • Tenants who stay for two or more years (on average)
  • Prompt responses to tenant requests.

We promise none of this is too good to be true! Managing a rental property requires many different skills—and the time to do it right. Verandah Properties has put in the time to develop our expert property management skills to make sure our property owners enjoy the long-term income they need!

We're Ready When You Are

Your FREE RENTAL ANALYSIS awaits! Let's get started and see how Verandah Properties can help your properties do more for your long-term wealth.