Owner Testimonials

Richard Wattam says   "Even though I'm a Realtor located in Orlando, I use Verandah Properties to Manage my Properties, and they're 'Great'!

~ Richard & Margaret Wattam - Lake Mary, FL

 "I live in Los Angeles and own a house in Orlando that Verandah Properties has managed for me for the past six years. Pamela and her team have proven that they are truly a first class realty company. Their knowledge, expertise, and follow-up are fast and consistent. They always take good care of my house and my tenants, while always keeping my best interests in mind. I highly recommend them!" Sincerely,

~ Maria Quintero-Thompson - Saugus, CA

"It is with pleasure and confidence that I recommend Verandah Properties, Inc. to any homeowner/property investor in the Central Florida area who may looking for a property management company to supervise their rental needs.

Pamela Syvertson and her staff have been outstanding in providing a detailed application process for prospective tenants. Their website is very user friendly and encourages prospective tenants by providing complete information on the various rentals available. Our move-in and move-out procedures were managed in a thorough, caring and informative manner which made it stress-free for both the homeowner and the new tenant." Sincerely,

~ Ruth S. Cayl - Orlando, FL

"My father is an extremely busy Doctor that doesn't have time to manage his properties. He hired Verandah Properties many years ago to manage and operate his properties in a professional way. I, as his Office Manager and Personal Assistant, handle any questions Verandah Properties may have. My calls are returned promptly, issues are resolved quickly, and all is handled with a professional yet friendly manner. I have grown to enjoy communicating with Verandah and recommend them to anyone that will listen! I cannot say enough about how nice it is to trust and know that as our busy lives move forward Verandah Properties is taking care of our properties as if they are their own.

Thank you to Verandah Properties and Pamela Syvertson for being our 'Right hand'!" Sincerely,

~ Lauren Hennig - Personal Assistant/Office Manager
~ Eric S. Hennig- Ed. D., L.M.F.T. - Orlando, FL

"We would like to thank Tara Chamberlain and Verandah Properties very much for being able to trust you with our property management needs over the past 15 years. We are very grateful for your dedication to our business and responsibility which allows us peace of mind. You have built a strong relationship with us based on principles and values and we really appreciate it. Your success in the business is a direct result of your wise counsel, valuable contacts and undying energy. We feel so fortunate to have found you and we would highly recommend you to anyone - you all are the best! Only someone with your professionalism could accomplish so much. You have our deepest gratitude." Sincerely,

~ Lucy and Waldek Pastuszuka - Santa Clara, CA

"As an out of state owner, Verandah Properties has made my life simple regarding leasing and managing my property. There are no surprises and or unexpected charges about my property for any situation as communications about items of concern are promptly resolved with my full knowledge. I would highly recommend their services to others who have a home for rent." Sincerely,

~ Steve Buchanon - Raleigh, NC

"I am a first time out-of-state homeowner and thoroughly searched the Orlando area for a property management company with expertise, dedication, and attention to their clients. In the last three years, Verandah Properties, Inc. has handled my single-family residential property with the utmost professionalism and provided outstanding services. In particular, the owner, Pamela Syvertson has proven time and time again to highly proficient in the management of my property.

Whether the rental market slowed down or was flooded, Pamela has always made time to answer my phone calls and promptly reply to emails. Her staff at Verandah Properties is very efficient and hardworking; any concerns and questions are regarding my property were quickly addressed. The marketing of the rental property was very thorough, so that a tenant was secured within less than a month. The tenant screening process was excellent and I have not encountered any problems from the management's selection of renters.

Verandah Properties proved to be reliable and experienced. For example, my property suffered minor damages during a storm, and there was immediate response to an emergency tenant call. The repairs were reasonable, I was well informed and preventative measures were initiated to prevent reoccurrence. Verandah Properties provided a quick resolution to the problem without any effort on my part.

I highly recommend the services provided by Verandah Properties for anyone looking for experienced, reliable and professional property management." Sincerely,

~ Lan Pham - San Diego, CA

"Verandah Properties, Inc. has been managing my property in Orlando, Florida for over 14 years. During this time, the property has been occupied 100%, minus the time needed to clean and maintenance the property between tenants. I am always completely informed on changes and maintenance details when major repairs are needed, plus 24 hour accessibility to view my owner account online. I am continually updated on the estimated value of the property and advised on current market conditions.

Other property Managers have managed the property before finding Verandah Properties. At that time, the property was new and very attractive, but only been occupied half the time. Communication was little to none and I found the difference between a qualified property manager and amateur!

I have complete confidence in the staff at Verandah Properties and I highly recommend their service to anyone with an old or new property to rent or sell in the Orlando area. I am sure you will be completely satisfied with the service they provide."

~ Joe Edwards - Japan

"This is just a note to say how pleased I am with Verandah Properties services. I have owned properties in California, Arizona, Texas and Florida and management has never gone as smoothly and effortlessly as with Verandah Properties. It's almost like management by remote control. Thanks so much for your much appreciated service."

~ Natalie C. Ross - Orlando, Florida

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for taking care of all the lawn/tree issues with Herman in a timely manner. You are truly a delight to work with and I never have to worry about the house being taken care of.
Thanks for what you do!"

~ Jenifer Rupert - Casselberry, FL


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