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5 Steps to Better Rental Listings: Tips from the One of the Best Orlando Property Management Companies

5 Steps to Better Rental Listings: Tips from the One of the Best Orlando Property Management Companies

5 Steps to Better Rental Listings: Tips from the One of the Best Orlando Property Management Companies

How do you prepare your rental listings when you have a vacancy? If it's missing any key elements or not "wowing" potential renters, the work you put into your listings is going to waste! Plus, ineffective listings can become an expensive problem for property owners. 

Real estate rental listings need careful thought and attention to attract high-quality tenants and reduce vacancy times. If your listings aren't "selling" your rentals well, follow these five tips for better listings from one of the best Orlando property management companies!

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1. Know Your Target Renter

How can you find the right renters when you're not sure who might be the best for your rental? Knowing your target renter helps generate compelling listings that reach the right audience for your properties. 

While it's critical not to discriminate in how you advertise a property or throughout your screening process, some properties are ideal for specific types of residents. Your Orlando rental might be ideal for a young professional, a family with small children, or retirees looking for their first place to begin their lives of leisure. Understanding what types of renters are the best fit for your properties helps you showcase the features they look for and create a listing that brings plenty of qualified applicants to your door.   

2. Choose Wording Carefully

You don't need to say a lot, but you do need to be careful what you say in the short amount of space that's ideal for a rental listing. Simply advertising an "available 3-bedroom home" won't deliver quality tenants or help you rent the property quickly. 

Get specific and tell your property's story. Mention amenities in the rental, nearby attractions, local schools, restaurants, retail, and the monthly rent amount. If the unit has a pool or a balcony, get that in the listing header to catch the attention of your potential next residents. 

Remember to follow the law and avoid violating Fair Housing regulations. Rental listings must be fair and start the process of handling all applicants equally throughout screening and evaluation against preset criteria. 

3. Go Upscale With the Photos (and Videos)

Photographs are the first impression you get to make with potential tenants through your rental listing. When you have top-tier photographs, you're more likely to stop potential from scrolling by your listing! 

Professional photographs can make the biggest impact on generating the interest your rental needs to find quality tenants quickly. However, don't discount the power of video! A 3D video tour of your property can set the rental apart from the competition and help you find the right new tenants sooner rather than later. 

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4. Place Listings Wisely (and Get Social)

New renters won't find your listing if it's not in the right places. Remember your target renter? Make sure you place rental listings on websites and rental search sites that are popular among your target audience. 

The more visibility your listing gets, the more rental applications you'll see! 

Don't forget to get social. Leverage social media channels to post and share listings with local Orlando groups and raise awareness of your vacancy in surrounding areas. Get people excited about your properties using online tools to promote your rentals!

5. Hire a Property Manager

Empty rental units mean that property owners lose money. Lengthy vacancies don't generate the income you need to cover ongoing property expenses or build your long-term income. Plus, settling for renters who don't meet your criteria can lead to placing bad tenants in your properties and dealing with other costly problems. 

If you're struggling to find the right combination of wording, photos, and ideal listing sites to find quality tenants and reduce vacancy times, work with one of the best Orlando property management companies! A property manager already has the expertise to develop compelling listings that "sell" your rentals. We understand what local renters want in a rental home and how to craft a description that delivers your properties as the homes renters want! 

The right property managers in Orlando can also handle the screening and leasing process. The right combination of successful rental marketing, tenant screening, and leasing helps investors minimize vacancy times and enjoy more rental income throughout the year.  

The Best Orlando Property Management Companies Are Listing Experts!

The best Orlando property management companies create professional listings to help investors maximize their investments. We often have better access to more listing sites and can reduce marketing costs for property owners that benefit from our large-scale marketing efforts for multiple property owners in the area. 

Professional-quality rental listings can be a game-changer when it comes to attracting the best tenants for your properties. Verandah Properties is here to help market your rentals and create listings that help boost your ROIs with quality tenants and shorter vacancy times! When you're ready to experience the benefits of better rental listings, let's talk!