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Marketing Check Up: How Does your Property Management Company Rate?

Marketing Check Up: How Does your Property Management Company Rate?

Think about it; we are in a digital age and have the ability to showcase properties and rent them sight unseen.  This happens more and more with the tight rental market we’re currently in as well as, the potential tenant’s ability to ‘virtually’ view a rental home.

Your company should be showcasing your property (and their site) to ensure that their marketed properties reflect a well-established, well-run company which in turn demonstrates their commitment to professionalism and instills confidence in a potential renter. 

This leads to the question; When was the last time you’ve checked out your property management’s online marketing?  It’s so important, that you should make it a priority.  Below are some items you should be looking for to ensure your Property Management company is representing their company and in turn your product (your rental investment) in a professional and confidence-building manner.

Timeliness: How quickly does your pm company get your property on the market?  Time is money.  Your property, whether it is newly listed or is being re-listed should be marketed as promptly as possible to reduce your vacancy time. 

Uniformity:  Is your company’s rental marketing page consistent?  Meaning; are all pictures that are displayed as the ‘main’ picture the same size all the way down the page?   Are all titles similar in the information they provide?  Are all of the colors and type-fonts uniform?  How about the lighting of the pictures; are they consistent?  If not, they should be. 

Accuracy:  Is the information precise?  Accuracy is a must.  Is the rental rate advertised correct?  How about the pet policy or whether utilities or services are or are NOT included?   What about the date the property is available for a new renter to move in?  Precision is important so that there are no inaccurate statements that can lead a potential renter away from your property. 

Exterior Photos:  Exterior photos should be taken when the property is at its best.  Some examples of this: the lawn should be freshly cut and the shrubs well maintained; all cars should be removed from the driveway so the full view of the property can be seen.  The front picture of the exterior of the home should be centered; i.e., none of the property should be cut off, like the roof line or half of the house.  The pictures should include the sides of the house and back yard to showcase the entire exterior, not just a small portion.

Interior Photos:  Interior photos should be plentiful.  Do the pictures accurately portray your home in a logical manner?  Meaning your pm company should start from the entry way of your property and walk through the property logically taking all pictures of the complete interior.   There should be at least three pictures of the kitchen from different angles showcasing the amenities and where the kitchen is located within the property.  The interior photos are the backbone of the advertising and should be taken seriously and professionally showcased. 

Amenities:  Are all amenities highlighted?  This is paramount to entice new renters who are interested in amenities such as private pools or community playgrounds or tennis courts.  All of your property’s amenities should be highlighted to appeal to as many tenant-prospects as possible. 

Spell Check:  It’s very simple; misspelled words say ‘unprofessional’.  There is no reason that your pm company’s marketing should have any misspellings or inaccurate grammar.   

These are just a few items you can check on to ensure your property management company is representing your investment in the very best light.  The goal is to reduce vacancy and attract the largest number of potential applicants.  You want to be able to draw a vast pool of applicants to ensure you obtain a qualified tenant as quickly as is possible.

As a reminder, we are always here to provide professional property management consultation and management.  Contact us anytime.