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Tenant Evictions: How a Property Management Company Can Help

Tenant Evictions: How a Property Management Company Can Help

Did you know that about 2.7 million households receive eviction filings each year?

Whether it’s due to property damage, rent non-payment, or disruption of terms on the lease, evicting tenants can be challenging. If not done correctly, it can become time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. What’s more, making a mistake during the eviction process can leave you with a bad tenant for the long haul.

Fortunately, you can avoid the hassle of tenant evictions by hiring a property management company. Here’s they can help you with evictions

Know the Legal Eviction Process

Tenant evictions are complex, especially since eviction laws can vary from state to state. If you don’t abide by these rules as a landlord, your eviction may be tossed out. Letting property management services handle the situation can be helpful.

They’re familiar with local and state laws concerning eviction. In addition, they know the appropriate steps to take to ensure the eviction is successful.

Establish a Legal Reason for Evicting the Tenant

A property management company can review your situation and establish a valid and legal reason for evicting your tenant. They can help you determine if your tenant violated the terms of the lease. Property managers can also document evidence of all violations, including:

  • Notice of late payments
  • Copies of bounced checks
  • Photos of damage
  • Documented complaints by other tenants
  • Copies of email correspondence

Give the Tenant an Eviction Notice

If you have a legal cause, your property manager can give your tenant a written notice to terminate the tenancy. The eviction notice includes the reason for eviction, the steps the tenant can take to avoid eviction, and the amount of time to fix the issue or move out. There are usually 3 types of notices:

  • Cure or quit notice: remedy the lease violations or move out
  • Pay rent or quit notice: pay rent they owe or move out of the property
  • Unconditional quit notice: move out of the property without any second chances

Save Time

From delivering notices to filing an eviction lawsuit and appearing in court, evictions can take a lot of your time. A property manager can handle all these things more professionally while freeing you to focus on other things.

They can also ensure that no step is left out and that the eviction process is done on time.

Handle the Confrontation

Eviction is nasty business. Most of them occur at an already difficult time for the tenant. It can be difficult to move forward knowing this but you have to look out for yourself and your business. Additionally, it can create a hostile situation and compromise your safety.

When you hire a property manager, you don’t have to handle all these confrontations. They take care of the eviction, protecting you, your property, and your livelihood. This means less stress and anxiety.

Regain Possession of Your Property After Tenant Evictions

Tenant evictions are serious legal situations that can sometimes be quite messy, risky, and costly. This is why you need a qualified property management company by your side.

At Verandah Properties, LLC, we can help have stress-free evictions and prepare your rental for the next tenant. Contact us to book an appointment.