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What Is a Leasing Only Service and Who Does It Help?

What Is a Leasing Only Service and Who Does It Help?

Over 300,000 people call Orlando, Florida home. And why wouldn't they? Orlando offers gorgeous weather, lower taxes, and cheaper housing. If you're a landlord, now is the perfect time to hone in on the market!  

Whether you’re a long-time realtor or a new homeowner, managing a property is no simple task. The advertising, tenant search, and maintenance can leave you overwhelmed. Ease your stress with a property management service!

A property management company will help shoulder some of the responsibilities that come with owning a property. Opt for a leasing service to help you get started. It will provide you with the proper setup to jumpstart your passive income earnings. 

Below is your guide to understanding what a leasing service is and how it can help you. Scroll down to learn more, so your investment starts on the right foot!

What Is a Leasing Service? 

A property management leasing service will divide the responsibilities of managing a property. These services can include advertising, finding tenants, and giving rental evaluations. A leasing service can also help guide you in understanding Fair Housing Laws.

The leasing service handles everything that happens before the tenant signs the lease. They take off the stress of finding tenants and performing tenant screenings so you can focus on other properties. Once the tenant signs the lease, the landlord will take responsibility.

Using a leasing service ensures that you are on your reality A-game, whether you're a veteran or a first-timer. 

Who Does It Help: Leasing Services Explained 

A leasing service helps you as the landlord and property owner. The service ensures that your properties are well-advertised both online and in person. They also handle the grueling part of investing in a property by finding suitable tenants to fill your vacancies.

The tenant screening will provide you with a thorough evaluation of potential applicants. The screening will verify the tenant's income, and perform credit and background checks. The data it collects will leave you with reliable and responsible tenants. 


Trying to find tenants is a long arduous process. The biggest advantage to a leasing service is that they do that part for you. This allows you to focus on state inspections or hosting open houses. 

The leasing-only service will also help you advertise your property like a professional. It's perfect for first-time realtors. 


Unlike a full-service property management company, a leasing service only helps before the tenant signs the lease. Once the signature happens, maintenance, fees, and inspections all become your responsibility. 

Hiring a Leasing Service Will Put Your Best Foot Forward 

The expert team at Verandah Properties LLC is here to manage your investments! Our leasing service will advertise your property and find you quality tenants. Or you can leave the property management to us by opting for our full-service program.

We'll save you time, money, and stress! Don’t let the responsibility crush you or make you miss your chance at an extra income.

Contact us today for more information about our property management services. We’ll help you put your best foot forward!