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Your Guide to Using a Leasing-Only Service

Your Guide to Using a Leasing-Only Service

Renters make up more than 2.5 million households in Florida. As a result, landlords don't face too many challenges finding tenants for their rental properties. 

But, do you ever have problems with your tenants? Your tenants are crucial for your rental properties, yet many landlords complain of tenant problems and bad tenants.

Did you know there's a solution to this problem? You can hire a leasing-only service company for help. 

If you're interested in learning how this works, keep reading this guide as it explains what this means and its benefits.

Basics of Leasing-Only Service 

So, what is a leasing-only service? This service is one of many services that property management firms provide to rental property owners, and it relates directly to the tenant-selection process.

When you hire a leasing-only service, you're hiring them to find tenants for your rental properties. Once they find tenants for your available units, their job is complete, and you take over from there.

In other words, you handle all the other services for each rental property you own. 

Therefore, the leasing company advertises your units and accepts applications. They also review the applications and run tenant background checks.

Next, they select the tenants and handle all the paperwork and requirements. They also show the units and handle the keys and move-in details. 

Signs You Need This Service

Hiring a leasing-only service is an excellent idea if you struggle to find good tenants. So, the first sign that you need this service is poor tenant quality.

Do you have trouble finding or keeping good-quality tenants? Do you wish you had better ones? If so, hiring a company to handle this service might be what you need.

Secondly, do you find yourself short on time? If you don't have enough time to handle all the duties your properties need, you might slack in some areas. 

Finally, do your properties cause stress? Hiring this duty out could relieve some of your stress if you're struggling with too much of it. 

Benefits of Hiring a Company to Handle Your Leasing

Landlords have many duties, making it hard to keep up with all of them. But, you can reap many benefits from hiring a property management company to handle your leasing needs.

The first benefit is you'll have less work, as the property manager will handle all the duties related to the tenant-selection process.

Secondly, you'll notice an improvement in your tenant quality. Having higher-quality tenants leads to increased cash flow, fewer problems, and less stress. In fact, the success of your business closely relates to your tenant quality.

Learn More About These Services

Property management firms handle services related to rental properties, and a leasing-only service is one option you can choose when hiring a property manager.

The primary benefit of hiring a property manager to handle your leasing needs is an improvement in the quality of your tenants. Would you like to learn more about this service?

Contact us at Verandah Properties in Orlando, FL. We'd love to hear from you and provide a quote for services.