"Dear Pamela:
We are tenants at 8034 Landgrove Ct and we just wanted to send you a quick note about our property manager Mark: he is just amazing. Whenever we have a request he responds quickly and resolves all issues in more than a timely manner. He is extremely professional and provides outstanding customer service.

You might often receive complaints rather than recognition but we feel that Mark deserves you hearing from us, what a great person and professional he is.

~ Chelsea, Klaus and Lukas

"To whom it may Concern,
I reside in a home managed by Verandah Properties. When applying for the home, I was handled by Penny Patterson. She is my main Property Manager. I really like how she and the staff are quick to answer any emails, phone calls, or problems at hand. They are really responsive, in a timely manner, and I really enjoy renting from them. They also make it easy to pay rent, with a convenient website that allows tenants to pay rent online. I would recommend them to anyone who is choosing to either rent a home or have their home rented by the company."

~ Deanna DeFrancesco

" Dear Pamela:
In the time I have been in residence with Verandah Properties as the manager of the home I have leased for over five years, I can say with certainty that it would have been difficult to have found anyone who would have acted in a more cordial, professional, and considerate manner while I have been here. The support and consideration that has been given these years has made the time here in Orlando since I arrived easier and more pleasant than it otherwise would have been. You have my thanks and respect for the manner in which you have conducted your business. Regards,"

~ Trent Tucker

"My family has rented a home through Verandah Properties for 5 years now. This has been a wonderful and enjoyable 5 years in our home. Any concerns are always addressed and taken care of very quickly. I would send anyone looking to rent a home in this area directly to Verandah Properties first."
~ Jennifer Grant

"I've thoroughly enjoyed my rental experience through Verandah Properties. They handled my home search and leasing process with extreme professionalism and swiftness as I was very anxious to find the perfect home.

I've lived in my beautiful lakefront home for the past two years and enjoy being able to report any minor maintenance issues on the web site. I have found that no matter what time of day or night that I always have a prompt response from Verandah clearly indicating when to expect a service call and they always follow-up to ensure that the issue has been resolved.

I'm very pleased to have Pam and her team as my management company and would highly recommend them to any future resident."

~ John Roth

"My experience with Verandah Properties has always been positive. I feel very comfortable knowing I can contact their office with any questions or issues and everything will be handled promptly and courteously. Whenever I am asked about renting through a property management company, I can honestly recommended Verandah Properties."
~ Julee Clark

Thank you for all your efforts and assistance during this rental period. I can't tell you how I appreciate the swiftness of response to any and all issues that have come up while I've been here. It is so refreshing dealing with professional property managers who understand what it takes to maintain a residence. Please do not hesitate to forward this referral to anyone who inquires about your dedication to details and quick response to issues.
Thanks again,"

~ Bob NeeDelman

"Thank you for everything. Verandah Properties was a great company to rent from."
~ Heather Forbes

"My experience with Verandah Properties has been great since the moment I called to ask about the property. Jennifer gladly answered all of my questions and even agreed to meet me at the house right away to show it. I have been renting this house for a year and I have never felt more at home and Verandah Properties had made sure of that."
~ Denise Palm-Birnbrook

Since I've lived here and have had Verandah Properties handle my rental, I have had an amazing and stress free experience. The few times in this past year I had to call regarding small issues, they were handled flawlessly. Martin was extremely courteous and very experienced at handling the tasks that had presented themselves.
I thank all the people that have taken care of me throughout these 3, almost 4 years. Great job EVERYONE!!!!!!
My best regards,"

~ Karin Muszalski

"I would like to sing the praises of Penny Patterson and Martin. I have been renting from Verandah for just over 2 years now, and never once have I had any cause for complaint. The service provided by them is impeccable. Penny is prompt, thoughtful and professional. and Martin is skillful, pleasant and thorough. Kudos to these wonderful staff and Thank you for making my tenure here stress free."
~ Karen Northover

"I had Verandah as my property manager for 2 1/2 years and can not say enough good about their services and personnel. Someone is always available, concerns are readily addressed and they made my life as a tenant so easy. If I was an owner I would choose them without question, they are organized and professional and their attention to detail is unmatched by any other company I have ever dealt with!"
~ Sarah Marotta