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Finding Income Properties - the Easy Way!

Pamela McNab-Syvertson - Thursday, March 28, 2019

Finding Income Properties - the EASY way!

Own some income producing properties-->  build wealth --> easy enough...finding an investment property that is actually going to give you a return strong enough to do so?? A little harder.   My name is Husain Jaffer and as the co-founder of as well as a real estate agent for the last 5 years, dealing mainly with investment properties, the chief complaint I'd receive from clientele is, how do I find a good enough property on my own?  How do I know it's good enough, without having to wait on you to send me a spreadsheet with all the numbers, etc?....the spreadsheets made it easy, but it was still a lot to look at... 

Back in the summer of 2016, I was looking for an investment property for a client, and looking through the 'Income' section of the MLS was sufficient, but it didn't make it easy!!  It really isn't clear what % ROI my clients were receiving, if the rental income is current income or projected, and what about insurance, vacancy rates, etc? That is where the inspiration for came about - a platform strictly for investment properties, where there aren't fees to see addresses or a property, no sign-in required to search, and never any fees to upload your own property for sale - a platform where you can search by gross ROI, search by whether a property is tenant occupied or not, the type of property, and best of all, analyze the returns of a property directly on the website -  all in a matter of minutes!  Check it out, and I hope you see the simplicity of the platform and are able to find your next income-producing property through!

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