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How to Care for Your Daytona Rental Property Year-Round: A Landlord's Guide

Pamela McNab-Syvertson - Thursday, October 10, 2019

Keeping your property looking great and in good repair all year requires an understanding of the kinds of issues that can arise at your Daytona rental. By getting ahead on your maintenance and making sure that your properties are safe and well-kept, you inspire confidence in your tenants. Your property will also require fewer significant repairs if you keep up with routine maintenance on appliances and other items.

A critical consideration for many of these household fixtures is whether or not you have had problems of a certain nature in the past. If, for instance, you have had a historical issue with mold in a specific part of the house. Check for it throughout the year at first, then at least yearly in the places (and times!) when you've seen it in the past. It's always faster to fix a small problem than a larger one.

Determine when—if at all—you have time to get into the property. Between tenants is ideal, but not always feasible. While certain maintenance does depend on the season, some are seasonally categorized so you'll remember to inspect them quarterly.


Crucial Fall Maintenance

  • Rake leaves and take this opportunity to evaluate the yard: does anything need trimming?
  • Get the furnace inspected by a professional.
  • Check out the weather stripping on your doors and windows.
  • If you haven't lately, replace your air filters! These should be replaced often, and can usually be done without bothering the tenant too much. 
  • Check home alarm equipment and fire extinguishers; having a particular time of year when you check them is smart. When Holiday cooking rolls around, a low battery in the smoke detector can be a dangerous hazard!
  • Have there been any damages to the siding of the home? Check with your tenants and find a time to get it replaced or repaired. 

Central Florida doesn't get "dry" days often. However, if you get a crisp Fall day, consider this a good time for a whole-home inspection to see if you have drafty windows or leaks. A dry day when no ambient moisture will confuse your search is the best day for this.

Winter Maintenance Matters Too!

  • The cooler season is a good time to rest and relax, but you can still take some time to check things like dryer vents and refrigerator coils! 
    • Clean all the dust from the coils and any lint from dryer vents if you're between tenants.
    • When you have tenants, work with them and instruct them on how to care for the property.
  • While pipes rarely freeze in Orlando or Daytona, there can still be plumbing leaks, so make sure you check for them at least once a year.
  • This time of year can be an excellent time to let your tenants know that, if they have questions, they can always call you!
    • Working with tenants to ensure maintenance needs are reported promptly is crucial for the long-term health of your Daytona investment property!

Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Property

  • This is the season for landscaping!
    • If you're between tenants, pull out old, ragged shrubbery or any invasive weeds.
    • Put in beautiful, new flowers and low-maintenance bushes.
    • Most years, you won't need a complete re-do. Occasionally, a substantial makeover adds lots of curb appeal to your property.
  • Now is the time for a yearly air conditioning inspection. A trained professional can extend the overall life of the air conditioner while saving money and keeping the home cooler.
  • Power wash the exterior of the home: make it genuinely look its best!

Property Maintenance

Summer Maintenance in Daytona

  • Reverse the ceiling fans (and clean them off!)
  • Use this time to check for downspout problems: make sure that you aren't leaving lots of water on the foundation of the home.
  • Check the attic and basement for other moisture issues related to the summer showers.
  • Make sure you carefully maintain the wild growth that is signature of Floridian summers. 
  • Keep an eye out for insect damage or other potential pests. 
  • Clean the kitchen hood and its air filter.
  • Before hurricane season gets into full-swing, inspect gutters, the roof, and the exterior of the windows. Any past damage needs to be fixed in case of high winds and heavy rains when autumn approaches.

Maintenance Pro Tip: Hire a Property Manager!

While many landlords enjoy some of the maintenance tasks that come throughout the year, they soon discover the value a property management company provides. As an expert property management company in the Daytona area, we have many years of experience maintaining properties at their optimum level. Verandah Properties is here to ensure that wear and tear remain minimal—even after years of renting to tenants. We create our detailed schedule of maintenance, and we work with preferred vendors. This makes your experience seamless—without leaving you to figure out how to manage maintenance and contractors on top of a busy schedule.

What's more, Verandah Properties also offers Landlord Protection Insurance. This insurance is designed to make you feel secure as a landlord as you prepare for the changing seasons. Why not get started with our free Seasonal Maintenance Checklist?

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