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Orlando Realty and Property Management Combined Spells Growth!

Verandah Properties - Thursday, April 9, 2020

Finding excellent rental properties is sometimes the first hurdle for landlords when you know you want to get involved with this kind of work but haven't yet found a perfect property. On the other hand, some landlords get into property investing accidentally, through inheriting a house or getting a surprisingly good deal on a home that they then want to rent out.

Either way, most landlords with any number of properties find themselves in a position where it would have been helpful to work with great real estate agents to discover new additions to their portfolio. On top of that, having the aid of a knowledgable property manager who can keep the property looking great while managing tenant relationships is a huge perk!

Verandah Properties offers a comprehensive Orlando realty and property management solution, helping you continue to grow your business even after we've worked with you as a property management client. Whether you start on one side of the company or the other, you'll find that the path across to the other side makes a lot of sense.

Property management clients of ours often want to expand their businesses through diving back into the real estate side of things. Real estate clients need someone to manage their properties—especially if they are investing from out of state!

Here is just one example of the path we can take to provide synergy in your investment portfolio from purchase through to profitable management.

Build Profitable Rentals From the Start

As someone interested, even passingly, in rental property, you've come to the right place. Get started with our property management wing today to find the right tenant through a thorough application and screening process.

Let us help you by keeping your rental well-tended and maintained, all while staying in touch with your residents to keep them happy. We'll help you manage the intricacies of landlord-renter relations so that you're legally maintaining your status as a landlord. Meanwhile, let us handle the middle-of-the-night phone calls! It's an excellent start to the experience of being a landlord, and it may prompt you to want to expand your business even more.

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Once You Find a RENTER, GroW With a Pro

When you've got your current properties well-situated, and they're earning money with long-term tenants in them, start working with us to find an Orlando realty and property management solution together. Why not consider potential rental properties to add to your portfolio as an investor?

Our experienced real estate staff help you take advantage of precisely what renters are really looking for in the Orlando rental property market! We also know that you've got ideas for your business, and we'll help you find the right deal on a property that will yield the kind of long-term income that will secure your financial future. You can jump in feet-first, or you can work with our real estate side to keep an eye out for the very specific kind of property you're looking for to expand your business.

Select Your Next Property Based on Solid Market Analysis

One way in which the real estate and property management arms of Verandah Properties can work together is through excellent market analysis. The same market analysis that helps us suggest the right rental rate to draw in applicants and tenants who will stick around can help you decide which property to buy, since those properties will have many of the attractive features that tenants are looking for.

This combined understanding of the Central Florida market and all it has to offer can be a major advantage of staying with one team for all of your Orlando realty and property management needs. By noticing what has been difficult or cumbersome about managing or purchasing your earlier rental properties, you and our team can work together to find a property that is an even better fit for you. 

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Continue Diversifying With Desirability in Mind

A second rental property is not the end game; for many property investors, a second rental property is merely the gateway into being a long-term investor in a wide portfolio of properties. Consider how, as your monthly income grows larger from your current properties, what you can do to diversify and grow your investment portfolio.

There may be real estate options that were too risky to be your first option, but which have a high enough potential for success for you to attempt them as an experienced investment property owner. As you add to your selection of properties over the years and make sure you're getting some variety. Great diversity in your investments means that you'll ultimately be sheltered from a greater percentage of the risk in making those investments.

When you work with only the best Orlando realty and property management, you can take advantage of similar institutional knowledge in order to help you get what you need to reach profitability—and stay there!

Work with a high-quality property management company with inside insight into real estate in Orlando in order to take full advantage of this connection. A great place to get started is with a FREE Rental Analysis to determine the current health of your portfolio!

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