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What Key Tips Do You Need to Grow Your Investment Portfolio in Daytona?

Verandah Properties - Thursday, December 5, 2019

Expanding your real estate investment portfolio is a significant decision that can seriously impact the way you manage your investments. It is important to know what you are getting into by building upon your existing portfolio.

A good business is always expanding—and looking for ways to improve; your investments in Daytona are no different. You're already an investment property owner, so the hard part is done. Growing your portfolio should be a natural and fun way to build your business. Let's take a look at some ideas to keep in mind while growing your portfolio.

growing your portfolio

1. Understand your Budget

Your budget is the most significant factor in how you expand your real estate portfolio. Your budget will determine where and what you purchase—which will, in turn, play a significant role in how you profit from the new investment. Consider all of your options carefully before committing to your new investment property. There are many ways to expand your portfolio, and there is no reason to rush.

Consider the monthly costs of each potential Daytona investment property: how long will it be until you are able to fill the property with a tenant? The property may sit vacant while you make improvements—should the property need them. Consider the costs of these potential improvements. The base cost of the property itself is not the only expense you will incur when adding to your real estate portfolio.

Understand your budget

If purchasing a house is out of your price range, then maybe you should consider a townhouse. Many townhomes have the potential to bring in a steady profit—even compared to single-family homes. While townhouses may be smaller than houses, they have potential. Purchasing multiple townhouses may even be the route you want to take to maximize your profits.

2. Expand to New Markets

You may think that your business needs to operate locally, but expanding your holdings to new markets can increase profits in ways that your local market may be unable to. If you have found that the local market has stagnated—or that there simply isn't anything available locally that suits your business—consider looking into properties elsewhere. There are properties worth investing in all over the country, and being bold enough to find them can increase your profits exponentially. 

The Central Florida market is always changing—but that also means there are still good deals to be had. With Florida being a prime vacation spot, finding the right investment property in or near one of the major tourist destinations is a great way to expand your business profile. An investment property in Daytona has the potential to really stand out from other properties in your portfolio.

Expand to New Markets

3. Know the Market

Whether you are expanding your business at home or thinking of branching out to a new market, you should do your homework and get to know the local market. Find out how homes are selling now compared to other times of the year and in the past. Talk to realtors about your options. A good realtor can be an excellent asset when learning the market you are researching. Find out who flips properties: fix-flip sellers can offer great deals on gorgeous properties.

Understanding the market will give you the information you need to make a decision on whether now is the right time to buy. By balancing your budget against the current market, you can find the best deal for your business. It isn't about just finding a new property—it's about finding the right property for you.

4. Hire a Property Manager

It can be challenging to juggle multiple properties—but you don't have to do it alone! With the help of an expert property manager in Daytona, rest assured that your properties will be in good hands as you grow your business. From finding the right tenant to maintaining the property, there is no end to the benefits of hiring the right property management company to oversee your investments.

Property Management Company

A property manager is invaluable should you decide to expand your portfolio outside of your current market. The property manager will be able to take care of the property—even in your absence. Their knowledge of local laws and contractors is a tool that you shouldn't underestimate. Save yourself the hassle of managing property hundreds of miles from home by hiring a local property manager in the region you're interested in.

Verandah Properties is here for all of your investment property needs in Central Florida. We maintain your properties as though they were our own. Whether it be in Orlando, Daytona, or any of the other cities that we service, we know the local market and will work hard to get the best out of your investment property. Our expert services can help make your investment property business hassle-free. A great way to apply the tips in this blog—and to learn new ones—is to use our free guide, "Real Estate Investing: Grow Your Portfolio!" Whether you're starting with one property or expanding from five, it's got something for every stage of investor!

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