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What Orlando communities are a good real estate investment in 2019?

Pamela McNab-Syvertson - Thursday, February 6, 2020

Updated and republished: 02/06/2020

As investors look to the future and wonder which Orlando communities are a good real estate investment moving into 2020, there are a variety of neighborhoods to consider seriously. Whether you are a long-time investor or just starting your real estate investment journey, you need to look no further than the communities in and around Orlando, Florida.

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Orlando continues to be one of the areas with the fastest job growth in the country, resulting in a steady demand for housing—including rental housing. Prices are on a growth trajectory, meaning that you stand to reap benefits in the absolute value of your real estate investment in addition to the month-over-month benefits of charging a competitive rental rate.

While you are likely to find properties that could perform well in your portfolio all over the Central Florida market, four communities stand out as particularly exciting right now near Orlando. At Verandah Properties, we're excited to tell you more about each of these potential investment goldmines!

Winter Garden

As the video amply shows, Winter Garden is an idyllic place to live that is situated west of downtown Orlando.

  • Winter Garden offers old Florida charm with beautiful residential communities that you can invest in.
  • Winter Garden is a quaint, trendy town founded in 1903 with lots to do for everyone in the family.
  • Disney World, Universal Studios, and Seaworld are all in its backyard.

Offering a Winter Garden rental property for growing families who are participating in the thriving economy in this area allows you to purchase real estate that will continue to grow in value. You'll even make back your investment with the rent you can charge!

You'll find that properties don't stick around long in this area—so if you get the chance to scoop one up and make it into a rental property, you'll be glad you did. Orlando Property Management

Lake Nona

Known for its beautiful parks, planned neighborhoods, and strong schools, Lake Nona has a reputation for innovation and forward-thinking. Lake Nona has an ultra-fast, “no limits” gigabit network—one of the first of its kind, and a real benefit to the commerce companies that have chosen to locate here.

Finding people who want to rent a home in this area is not difficult with the incredible growth Lake Nona has experienced. There's an influx of potential renters wishing to live close to where they work and play.

The high-power jobs available within an easy commute mean that many potential renters will be considering your property in Lake Nona. This is particularly heartening because it will give you and your property management company more tenant applications to review, boosting your chance of finding an ideal tenant. 


Daytona is so much more than beaches and motorsports—though those things don't hurt for the thriving real estate investment potential in this area!

Between tourism-related industries and a flourishing year-round population, Daytona remains an in-demand investing spot all year. Picking an investment property in this area puts you on a path to success! With the right property, you can land a long-term Daytona tenant who will keep your real estate investment profitable for years to come.

Make Daytona your home base for a real estate investment that takes advantage of the popularity of the beach, tourism events, and its motorsports reputation.


Orlando proper is still an excellent deal for real estate investors, even after many years of growth already! Orlando's commitment to courting business and industry has created a hub of innovation and has begun paying off in significant ways. New employees looking for high-quality rental homes will ensure that you can keep your well-maintained Orlando real estate investment property rented and profitable.

While there are many prominent neighborhoods in which to invest, you can still find pockets of under-developed housing in some parts of Orlando. This offers experienced investors the opportunity to take manageable risks—and catch the next hot neighborhood right before it heats up!

Finding the next hot spot can be risky as a new investor. Still, with the right advice—and some industry experience from a property manager in Orlando—you'll have inside information on which neighborhoods your potential tenants are headed to next. This allows you to reap the profits as your property skyrockets in value!

What's Your Next Move?

Many other neighborhoods in Central Florida are excellent prospects for real estate investors. Still, it can be challenging to pick a community for expanding your investment portfolio without inside insight. Most of your preferences as an investor can be best accommodated by a professional property manager in Orlando who has a keen grip on real estate trends.

Verandah Properties is the expert property manager you can trust when considering which Orlando communities might be your next best real estate investment in 2020!

We offer a valuable combination of expertise in real estate and in property management itself; choosing Verandah Properties is one way to find the best possible deals while also gaining a trustworthy partner in tenant retention and selection. If you're interested in a turnkey property management professional that can help you identify, obtain, and maintain quality investment properties, look no further!

We're here to help you transition into working with a professional property manager in Orlando! Don't settle for less when you could have the best: trust Verandah Properties to be your #1 choice! Contact us for more information on how we can help you grow your investment portfolio in Central Florida.

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Today we’re highlighting Winter Garden, Florida just West of downtown Orlando. 

Check out the included video for a review of downtown Winter Garden with its old Florida charm and some beautiful residential communities that you can invest in. Winter Garden is a quaint, trendy town founded in 1903 with lots to do for everyone in the family. Disney World, Universal Studios and Seaworld are all in its backyard. 

If you're interested in a turn-key Real Estate Firm that can not only help you identify and obtain a quality investment property in Orlando but also help you transition into professional property management seamlessly, then Verandah Properties, LLC should be your #1 choice. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve your goals.

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