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What to Expect When Hiring the Best Orlando Property Management

Verandah Properties - Thursday, May 7, 2020

The benefits of a seasoned property manager are impressive: they assist your landlord business from tenant acquisition to maintaining those tenant relationships by keeping your Orlando rental property looking great. To get this level of service, though, you have to find the best Orlando property management partner.

  • Do you know what traits your property management partner should have?
  • What skills and expertise types can you expect from a seasoned professional in this industry?
  • What sort of tasks should your property manager be able to handle for you as an Orlando property investor?

With all the scams circulating out there right now concerning COVID-19, you need to know you have a property management partner you can trust. If you hire the wrong Orlando property management company, it's more than a short-term expense: it could prove to be a long-term dent to your bottom line.

Here are just a few things to look for when you want to find the best possible property partner to manage your Orlando rental homes.

Maintenance and Property Crises

When you become a landlord, you quickly realize that this job can truly become a 24/7 commitment. While you may not need to manage property maintenance at every point in every day, you'll get more calls than you may have expected to experience in the middle of the night or during a crucial work meeting.

Whether it's to solve a plumbing emergency or help with an accidental lock-out, you're on the hook as the property owner. A major reason why many landlords end up teaming up with the best Orlando property management providers is that they don't want to, shouldn't have to, or simply can't answer these types of calls

When it comes to your career and home life, we know that your time is precious—but the care of your rental properties does matter! This is why allocating maintenance can be a fantastic move.

  • To best serve you, any property manager you consider should already have a pre-built network of contacts, including local, reliable plumbers and electricians who offer 24/7 service.
  • They should also have allocated a particular member of their team to be on-call to answer questions any time, day or night.
  • This way, you'll get to sleep through the night—and your property manager can inform you of any needed maintenance that has taken place when it's convenient for you.

Finding and Retaining High-Quality Tenants

Even when you have a portfolio of properties across Central Florida, the best Orlando property management companies will know how to find your next best renter. They not only have the skills and tools to create fantastic listings, but they can take the workload off your plate of trying to fill multiple, diverse properties.

Person signing real estate purchase agreement, key from apartment on table
Your property management partner should know:

  • Where to advertise to reach locals who are looking for a new rental, including people who are looking for your particular kind of rental properties (like luxury accommodations or single-family homes, for instance). 
  • What kinds of photographs and listing descriptions tend to draw in more people to come to see the property or submit an application.
  • How to get the best deals on advertising while focusing on the ROI of a given venue. 

Your property manager should also know tried-and-true methods for screening tenants both legally and effectively. They've got experience recognizing the kinds of red flags that bode poorly for paying rent on time, abiding by rules like noise ordinances, and the care of your rental homes.

The best Orlando property management companies are well aware of landlord-renter law and work to protect your properties from claims of discrimination by providing an equal-opportunity rental. Often, working with a property manager simply to have a screening expert during renter placement can pay for itself.

Your Professional Buffer for Troubled Tenants

One reason why landlords look for the best Orlando property management is that they recognize that even the best screening processes can still yield problem tenants occasionally. If you're new to being a landlord—or simply know that managing renter relations is not your forte—hiring a property management partner is a smart move.

Expert property managers already have a system they use to reach out to tenants who have been causing problems in order to resolve conflicts, and they know how to document cases such that they have a paper trail for any disputes. Most of these cases will resolve on their own, with the right incentives and applied skills. However, careful record-keeping means that if your property manager needs to initiate eviction proceedings on your behalf, they have the information to do so. 

Security Deposit Disbursement

Florida—as with many other states—requires that you follow a strict set of laws regarding what allows you to keep the security deposit of a particular tenant in order to pay for the damages that he or she caused to your rental property. No one wants to have damage done to their property and receive an expensive lawsuit on top of it!

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The best Orlando property management companies will be able to help you thread the needle by always obeying the Florida statutes while still making sure that tenants pay for the damages that they create beyond normal wear and tear. Your property management partner should, ultimately, be your ally.

As you can see, a property manager should be able to bring some serious skills to the table when it comes to handling the thorniest aspects of being a landlord. Whether this property manager is:

  • Helping you find tenants easily
  • Retaining renters through conflict management
  • Keeping your property looking beautiful and functional
  • Protecting your property through compensation for excessive wear

Landlords appreciate not having to be perpetually on-call and training themselves to become experts in Florida rental law. A property manager becomes a partner in the pursuit of high-quality tenant relationships, which is a great thing to expect when hiring someone.

If you're looking for an expert who can bring these types of skills and experienced management to the table, look no further than Verandah Properties! We are your expert for the best Orlando property management. Our services also extend across Central Florida, making us the perfect choice for a varied portfolio.

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