Preferred Vendors

Verandah Properties, LLC recommends vendors from our Preferred Vendor list below

These companies have a history with Verandah Properties, LLC for doing great work at fair prices. They have been properly screened for insurance requirements and staffing procedures. These are the only vendors Verandah Properties, LLC can stand behind in performing work on your home. Outside vendors can be allowed on a case by case basis but only with the understanding that we cannot stand behind the outcome of their work. If these companies have a website, clicking on the logo will take you there.

Associated Piping Services


Associated Piping Services, Inc.

Plumbing Service
Phone:  407-859-4756
1023 29th Street, Orlando, FL  32805


Air Conditioning

A/C Mechanix

Air Conditioning – Heating – Refrigeration
Phone:  407-855-8900
735 Commerce Circle, Longwood, FL 32750


Appliance Repair

Pronto Appliance Services, Inc.

Appliance Repair
Phone:  407-745-8616
P.O. Box 593743, Orlando, FL  32859