Your rental property won't do much for you without a tenant to pay the rent. Many landlords don't know how to get started with a new investment property. We have good news for new landlords or accidental landlords: Gotha full service property management can get the ball rolling!

What Comes First? 

You won't find a tenant to generate income until you get your rental property ready for tenants. The property won't make money until you find a tenant to live in it and pay rent. 

So, what do you do first?

  • Gotha property management companies know how to help you get started with an analysis of your property. When you know how much it's worth, you know how to set the right rental price
  • If your property needs a little pick-me-up, working with full service property management in Gotha FL takes care of that for you. They'll make repairs and get the property ready to list and show. 
  • Creating a compelling property listing helps attract the right tenants. From the property description to photos and where to advertise, property management companies in Gotha FL are the experts!
  • When the applications come in, Gotha full service property management handles the screening process to find the right tenant for your property. 

It can feel like there's a lot to do to get your investment property up and running, but with Gotha full service property management, you'll be ready to rent before you know it. 

Property Management is Your First Task!

Any empty property loses money. Gotha property management companies make sure your property stays occupied with the best tenants, so you get the most out of your investment!

Verandah Properties provides the best full service property management in Gotha FL. We know how to optimize the rental value of your property and get it ready for renterssooner, rather than later! Plus, we manage the day-to-day tasks of making sure your tenants have what they need and keeping your property in excellent condition. 

From rent collection to property maintenance, Verandah Properties handles the first task—and every task—so you make the most from your investment property. Start today with a FREE Rental Analysis!