It's a story we never like to hear as a trusted property management provider in St. Cloud, FL: A landlord screens his or her tenants carefully—but somehow, a very disrespectful tenant slips through the process. For whatever reason, the renter stops paying rent, damages the property substantially, and forces the property owner towards eviction proceedings—despite repeated warnings. As a St. Cloud, FL, property management provider, we know this can have far-reaching consequences financially for landlords. 

Yes, handling an eviction solo may get the tenant to move out—or worse, it might not. Still, in the wake of this type of horrible experience, the landlord is left with some devastating bills for repairing the property and paying court and filing costs from the eviction. To add insult to injury, they've lost the rent income they were counting on, and they have to find a new tenant—which takes time and additional costs.

Here at Verandah Properties, we have partnered with SureVestor to provide Landlord Protection Insurance for property owners in St. Cloud, FL. We wanted to offer an affordable policy that would ensure you have the coverage you needfor those rare but potentially devastating encounters. When you encounter a situation with your renters that you never expected to face, this level of protection can be a saving grace.

Here are some of the ways that Scheer Landlord Protection Insurance in St. Cloud, FL, can protect you and your property!

Protection Against Loss of Rent

There are a variety of reasons why your renter might no longer be paying their rent suddenly: some tenants break leases and leave without notifying you, while others go into tenant delinquency during eviction proceedings. Other reasons for loss of rent include the tragic loss of a renter's life, which is profoundly saddening for your renter's family and you as the property owner.

In all of these cases, whether the loss of rent is a tragedy or the result of a deliberate choice, Landlord Protection Insurance is one way to have some help and income to fall back on during the trying and unsettling times involved. The plan we offer to the property owners we partner with provides up to 12 weeks of lost rent coverage to help you get back on your feet and stay there.

Protect Against Malicious Damage

For some reason, certain renters do not respect the property where they are renting to the point where they see damaging the property as an avenue for revenge or harm to their landlords.

These tenants damage the property in ways that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix. This may be noticeable while the tenant is still in the property, or it may be discovered upon their exit. Either way, it's a genuinely frustrating result that creates an unexpected expense when you also need to get a new tenant into your property.

These events are thankfully infrequent since reliable communication between landlord and tenant can usually deescalate even a very tense interaction. However, you can put your fears to rest about malicious damage when you choose Scheer Landlord Protection by Surevestor!

Coverage starts at less than a dollar a day when working with Verandah Properties as your St. Cloud, FL, property management provider. We know that renters with a grudge can do some serious damage—think concrete in the drains—so coverage insures your property for up to $50,000 of malicious damage. Malicious damage does not cover basic wear and tear or other small costs that aren't caused by deliberately destructive actions. This coverage helps you pay for much larger expenses if a tenant chooses to destroy elements of your property.

Because malicious damage can render the rental property untenable, this policy also offers loss of rent coverage while your rental property is repaired and can even cover some of the contents of the building that were damaged. Choosing the Scheer Landlord Protection coverage offered through a partnership with Verandah Properties is the smart move for every St. Cloud, FL, rental property owner!

Know that your policy provides unheard of protection in the industry if you are one of the unlucky folks whose tenants commit malicious damage against one of your rentals.

Protect Against Eviction Costs

Part of why landlords work so conscientiously to avoid eviction is that it incurs substantial costs for them. In the best-case scenarios, tenants pay their back rent and remain. In the next-best-case, they leave on their own, saving everyone the trouble and cost of eviction.

However, if a tenant is determined to neither pay nor leave, you begin incurring expenses—even if you have an incredibly solid case against them.

  • First, there are fees to file for eviction.
  • Then you'll need a lawyer for your eviction defense.
  • Finally, when the eviction has gone through, there is often a fee just to have a sheriff, marshall, or constable escort the tenant out of the property as part of the court-approved removal from the premises.

These expenses can pile up—which is why having your coverage under the Scheer Landlord Protection insurance is crucial. 

As your St. Cloud property management partner, we know you need more than the bare minimum when it comes to uprooting a troubled tenant. That's why the Landlord Protection Insurance you have access to when you work with Verandah Properties provides up to $7,000 for eviction filing, eviction defense, and sheriff costs for the eviction.

After you've had to experience the worst, being reimbursed for your costs and lost time is a silver lining. Let your eviction costs be covered through your safe and affordable insurance policy! This addition is designed to lessen the blow, and helps with your cash flow as a landlord.

The Protection You Need to Rent With Confidence

Landlords may encourage their tenants to get renter's insurance in St. Cloud, FL—but this only protects your renters in the event of a disaster, not in the event of job loss. Additionally, homeowners insurance can't entirely meet the same unique needs of landlords. Having an insurance policy that covers your rental properties can be very helpful for reducing your fears about renting, and allow you to rent with confidence!

While no landlord likes to hope for the worst, we know as a St. Cloud property management expert that it pays to plan for it. Being prepared is much better than having no plan at all and hoping that such things won't happen to you. There are enough property owner horror stories out there in the world within the range of a quick Google search to highlight why having an affordable insurance policy in place is a valuable source of peace of mind.

To review:

  • Scheer Landlord Protection is designed to offer excellent, comprehensive coverage options for landlords in St. Cloud, FL.
  • It protects you in the event of lost rental income, malicious property damage caused by your renters, and the often extensive costs of eviction.
  • These considerations take a few heaping helpings off of the plate of property owners who are already overwhelmed or worried about the risks they take when providing residential rental properties in St. Cloud, FL.

Of course, this incredible coverage is not limited solely to St. Cloud, FL, landlords! As long as you're working with the expert services of Verandah Properties in the Central Florida area, you have access to this valuable protection.

Offering this level of peace of mind for our property owners is just another way that Verandah Properties is committed to furthering the property management industry as a whole by showing those we serve a higher standard of service. We've created a reputation as a company that goes beyond the "basic" provisions covered by full-service property management to help you create the long-term wealth you need from your investment properties in St. Cloud, FL! When you are looking for a property management provider in St. Cloud, FL, to help you excel and stay profitable, look no further than Verandah Properties!